DizLover Top Tip For Vacationing in Walt Disney World

*DizLover Top Tip:

My top tip for today:

While on vacation inside Disney World, be sure to make all charges  including EVERYTHING from waiter tips, dining bills, and souvenirs ALL charged to your room / using your Magic Band.  *Then every day or so, you will go to the front desk of your hotel to pay down the balance using your Disney Gift Cards that you have saved and stocked up on while planning your vacation. This way you don’t even have to carry a credit card with you inside the parks!

Do this by using your Disney Visa Credit Card to purchase discounted Disney Gift Cards through Bj’s (or store of your choice like Costco or Target) (this way you are receiving reward bucks as well! ) while saving for vacation and to stock up for your vacation!!! (Those reward bucks come in handy for tips or anything purchased inside of Disney World.)

***Be sure to register 1 Disney Gift Card on http://www.disneygiftcard.com and then transfer all other gift cards you purchase to only THIS one Disney Gift Card – for just in-case purposes. Bring only this 1 Disney Gift Card on your vacation (Unless of course you exceed $1,000 – then you will need to register a second).  Its super SAFE to have your Disney Gift Card Registered for emergencies!

I enjoy earning reward dollars as I save by purchasing through http://www.bjs.com .

Keep in mind you may use your reward bucks to pay towards the vacation.  Disney Visa Credit Card also gets you 20% off your purchase at any Disney Store location with a purchase of $50 or more…… and it also gets you exclusive character pictures at certain Disney Visa photo spots inside of Disney World.)

Be sure to check out my article on how to save for your next Disney World Vacation!

When is your next Disney World Vacation?

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