My Seasonal Disney World Wardrobe

Let me help you plan your next Disney World Vacation!

If you have a Disney World Trip coming up this summer then you’re going to want to check this out!

We have visited Disney World several times now in 3 different seasons. We have been a few times in May, a few times in the heat of August and once for Easter and once for New Year Eve!! You’re going to want to pay close attention to what type of clothing you need to bring depending on when your time of travel will be.

If you plan on traveling to Disney World this summer keep in mind it is going to be HOT! It’s going to be hot and humid from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed so just prepare. So your packing itinerary will need to include things like Neck Fans, Spray Fans, Sunscreen, Sun Shades, Sunglasses, Cooling Towels – and be prepared…

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My Seasonal Disney World Wardrobe

If you have a Disney World Trip coming up this summer then you’re going to want to check this out!

We have visited Disney World several times now in 3 different seasons. We have been a few times in May, a few times in the heat of August and once for Easter and once for New Year Eve!! You’re going to want to pay close attention to what type of clothing you need to bring depending on when your time of travel will be.

If you plan on traveling to Disney World this summer keep in mind it is going to be HOT! It’s going to be hot and humid from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed so just prepare. So your packing itinerary will need to include things like Neck Fans, Spray Fans, Sunscreen, Sun Shades, Sunglasses, Cooling Towels – and be prepared to do laundry because you will be changing your clothes at least once a day! You will need lightweight clothing options.

August 2019 Magic Kingdom

For traveling to WDW during the summer – for someone like me that is in my late 30’s with 2 beautiful boys, I like to wear SKORTS instead of shorts – especially since I have chubby annoying thighs no matter how much I workout. Shorts love to bunch up on me! I like to purchase my skorts from Macy’s but I would like to check out Athletica in the future. Also light long skirts and maxi dresses are also be perfect.

Vacationing during the summer, your tops will also need to be light and airy – I normally like to wear a lot of tank tops with skorts – this way I am the most comfortable. You also need to be prepared with umbrellas and ponchos because it can rain once a day in Florida during the summer! **Definitely bring more than 1 pair of shoes – no one wants to be walking around in soaked shoes the entire trip.** Sandals that have a strap are great if you get caught in a downpour, without a strap they can slide off – and that is not fun! I do NOT recommend flip flops because when you are in Disney you are walking several miles a day and flip flops just do not have enough support.

Even with the Florida summer heat, I find myself feeling chilly in restaurants so I always like to make sure I have a sweatshirt or sweater when dining.

Hollywood Studios August 2019. Felt like 105 degrees and 100% humidity.

When we visited WDW this past January, we had quite a different experience. First of all, we stayed at the Grand Floridain for the first time which was stunningly elegant and beautiful. (Vlog and blog to come). I was sorry I didn’t bring a light jacket! I was freezing in my sandals! We only had two 85 degree days and the rest were in the 50’s – so you’re going to need to bring more of a variety of clothing since the weather changes so often. We actually felt cold! 50 degree weather in Florida is cold. Most days I had on a shirt, a sweater and a sweatshirt on top. But, you never know when you will have a hot day – so you will need a pair of shorts or capris just in case. While there in January I wore my black leggings from Venus almost every day. Check out my vlog on my Disney Wardrobe!

Magic Kingdom Christmas Parade Dec. 30, 201
Check out my Vlog on my Disney World Wardrobe!

Click above for my vlog on my Disney World Wardrobe!

When we went to Disney for our first Easter Trip 2019 I found a lot of the days to be not incredibly warm – I wore a sweatshirt most of the trip. The pool felt chilly even at 77 degrees and heated. Maybe it was just an odd year? That is reason enough to always be prepared with layers. So I really wore my capri jeggings from Uniqlo or Kohls most days and maybe wore shorts and skorts 2 days out of a 9 day trip. I just bought some new capris at New York & Company that I was planning to wear this past Spring (Possibly summer if we make it there)! They feel so comfortable and lightweight! Riding Splash Mountain at night was interesting to say the least – Splash is our kids’ favorite ride and my husband and I knew we would be freezing but we did it anyway. LOL But the weather can vary year to year, so always check the weather before you leave while you are packing!

Our favorite weather time of the year was when we were in Disney World for Mother’s Day. The weather is gorgeous hot during the day and not horribly chilly at night. The Flower and Garden show is going on at Epcot and yes it is also going on during April but the begging of May is signifcantly less crowded than April and I really enjoyed the weather more this week. However, I enjoy hot weather more than cooler weather. Also while we were at Animal Kingdom on Mother’s Day 2015, I was handed a flower upon entering the park and we took some great photos that day as well. Great memories. For the beginning of May I would say you could still bring some capris but be sure to pack those shorts and skorts because there are still some days that may hit 90. I went over a lot of my wardrobe that I wore in the different months we attended Disney in my Vlog – so definitely check it out! Again always check the weather as you are packing prior to departing for your adventure!

No matter when we go, I prefer Birkenstock Arizona’s – they are the soft sandal, not the hard. I suffer with Plantar Faciitis so finding some Sketchers Go Walks, paired with super soft inserts and gel heel cups – all found on Amazon and I am good to go!


When is your next Disney World Trip?

What month are you traveling to Disney World in?

Know Before You Go and Before You Plan Your Disney World Trip!

How to ride Disney’s Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Ride in Walt Disney World

How to JOIN the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance:

Recently before all the closures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened their newest, highly anticipated ride of the century – Rise of the Resistance, back in December of 2019. Attempting to get on the ride is not the easiest thing to do, but completely worth it.

I think moving forward we will be seeing a lot more about Virtual Queues and how to use them as Disney World begins to re-open.

If you are a huge Star Wars fan then this is something not to be missed!

Here is your plan of action to get on the VIRTUAL QUEUE for this ride when Disney World reopends its parks (this information is subject to change via Disney World):

So ultimately you will need to have at least this part of your vacation planned out – if not for the rest of it. (We all know going to Disney World takes some planning) You need to know what day of your trip you will be going to Hollywood Studios and have other fast passes and dining reservations planned out with the ability to be open for flexiblity and changes.

For this morning of your trip, depending on how big your party is, and how quickly you can get ready you’re going to need to be at your bus stop by 5:30am depending on park opening. Set your alarms accordingly, and have food packed the night before – whatever you need to bring into the park for that day, have ready the night prior. We had stayed at the Grand Floridian so when I walked to the Gasparilla Island Grill, I was lucky to find one carafe of coffee hot and ready!

Things to have ready for the day: Your Smart Phone, Smart Phone Charger, Drinks & Snacks, Other Fast Passes, & Dining Reservations.

Make Note: For the new Skyliner Resorts, the Skyliner is not a good method of transportation that early in the morning because it only opens 30 minutes before park opening so this is not a good transportation method when you want to get on ROR. ****You might want to schedule an alternate route of transportation – either your own car, Uber, Lyft, or Disney’s alternate transportation of the Minnie Van (which starts at a flat rate of $20 but then costs more per mile – speak with the front desk) The bus stop was completely packed when we arrived and almost did not make it on the first bus. In this instance it is always good to be early than late!

Security lines are HUGE and LONG! Do not freak out – deep breaths. You will get through it. Just cooperate. From the stress and anxiety we witnessed other guests yelling and swearing at security for no good reason, other than stress – so keep yourself together. They will get you through as soon as possible and its for good reasons. Have a snack while you wait, talk about what rides you would like to go on for the day or snacks you might like to try.

While we were there in January park opened at 7:00am and even if the park isn’t opening until 9:00 I still recommending on arriving at Hollywood Studios by 6:30am to get through security and scanned into the park before the opening time. It is CRUCIAL you are scanned into Hollywood Studios and INSIDE the park before the park hour stikes opening time. Typically security opens an hour before park opening.

Keeping your My Disney Experience App closed, and checking the time for park opening, make sure as soon as the clock strikes whatever hour park opening is – let’s just say at 7:00am – you will open the app instantly at 7:00am ( your MDE app) and here you will see “Join a Boarding Group” (as soon as the app opens up) it was a picture of the AT-AT Walkers – uness that changes – and you will click on that and follow through with the directions as it leads you, step-by-step, on how many in your party etc. After that it will give you a boarding number. This is where it is crucial that your phone does not die and you are able to access the app on your other family members phones. I personally like a small charger. The app will eventually alert you when to return to the ride. So go about your day until you have the alert from the app. There is a possiblity it could be late at night or early – just keep an eye.

Now that you have your boarding number you will be WAITING patiently until you get the notifcation from the app for your boarding time. Once the app alerts you and it gives you a boarding time you will have a 2 hour window to get to the Rise of the Resistance Ride located in Galaxy’s Edge of Hollywood Studios. So do NOT panic if you are headed onto a Fast pass or you are currently eating. You do have 2 hours to get on! It will tell you please get here by whatever time is at the end of the 2 hours. It appeared right on my homescreen! We were boarding group number 54 so it gave us some ample time for a breakfast reservation at 8:20am and also we had a lunch reservation at 12:30.

Since you are inside the park so early it is the perfect opportunity to hop on those rides with normal long waits. We had a fast pass for Slinky so we hopped on Toy Story Mania with no wait. Some people run to Smugglers Run (Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run) which at the time had no Fast Pass but just before the closures started offering a FP. Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller Coaster is another good one to head to, or even Tower of Terror. Then don’t forget if you have a breakfast reservation! After breakfast we did Slinky, and headed to Star Tours, got on the ROR around 11:00, and we hopped on Smugglers Run and went to lunch. Then we did some pics with Darth Vader and Chewbacca.

Darth Vader

Keep in mind, there are instances where people are not able to board Rise of Resistance until the evening and sometimes disappointly not able to get on the ride that day – but I think they promise you the following day? Mark me if I am wrong. Your best bet is to plan your vacation during a lower crowd time…

It’s was definitely exhausting but worth it! We will do it again and won’t even think twice about it. We can’t wait!

If you don’t mind spoilers here is our video footage and vlog of Rise of the Resistance from this past January 2020.

When are you planning your next Disney World Trip?

Have you ridden Rise of the Resistance Yet? What was your experience?

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Rise of the Resistance Ride @ WDW!

Interested in watching the ride?! We put a video of us riding the ride while there in January.

Click to view!

May the 4th Be With You!

Happy National Star Wars Day Everyone!

I know most of us, including myself & my family are wishing we could be in Disney World on this extraordinary day! Years passed have proven to be so magical spending this day at Hollywood Studios! What a magnificent day it was the weather in Florida during the beginning of May is usually gorgeous and has been known to be usually a more low-crowd time. Plus you get all the beauty of Flower & Garden show.

Here are some ways to celebrate May the Fourth while distracting yourself about what is going on in the outside world, while easily maintaining your safety as well as others’:

Disney Plus is now streaming a new documentary called the Gallery which will show behind the scenes in the making of the new hit series The Mandalorian now streaming on Disney Plus. You can catch the entire Star Wars Saga on Disney Plus as well! You can also find Clone Wars and Rebels on Disney Plus.

Sorcerer Radio – I just heard a string of some Disney Park Star Wars Music! Nothing like hearing park themed music to get you in a better mood. Download the app or listen from the website Sorcerer Radio and you may just hear some cool Star Wars Tunes!

Shop Disney now has some new “The Child” (aka Baby Yoda Merchandise) – shirts for everyone, “The Child” funkpop, character action figures, as well as other Star Wars type merchandise.

Lego Store has a promotion going on where if you spend $75 on select Lego sets or more they will give you a free Death Star 2 Battle set. ENDS TODAY!

Get out your own Star Wars Legos and build something NEW! Put those creative juices together and make something fun and do it OUTSIDE because its another gorgeous day in the North East! Soak up every ounce of the sun you can get! No better way to do it than playing with Star Wars Toys or Legos!

Take any Star Wars toys or Legos you have and go outside and set up your own planet.

My kids recently whipped out their OLD Lego Stars Games on the Wii.

You can purchase a download of Lego Stars Wars Force Awakens for $20 on XBOX made in 2016.

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What are you doing to pass the time during the quarantine?

CHECK OUT OUR VLOG on the Rise of The Resistance Ride in Walt Disney World!