Valentine’s Day Approaching

Gift Ideas For Times When Extra Cheer is Needed

What are your ideas for Valentine’s cheer this year?

Over this past Christmas and with all the extra time I had, (from being on a work leave to homeschool my children) I decided to design and decorate my own personal home-made gift baskets. Finally I had time to build these very personalized and special gift platters to say “thanks” to those who had recently reached out to us during the time we had Covid. I also made a very big special gift basket for my in-laws, since we haven’t really been able to spend much time with them since we do not want to accidentally or somehow expose them.

Spreading cheer to friends was so much fun and it brought me so much joy. I bought several boxes of Belgian chocolates from Home Goods, as well as Russell Stover boxes of chocolates, as well as Russell Stover large Santas and bags of small Santas and Hershey Kisses. I had an assortment of decorations of ornaments that I tied to the outside of the packages as decorations. For certain friends I had cookie platters along with a Christmas bark recipe that I make every year. For some I got teas, hot chocolates, bike wear, Star Wars glass wear.

As bottoms to the gift baskets, I purchased large serving plates and bowls from the dollar store. For smaller gift baskets I used Christmas themed paper plates. I bought cello paper from the dollar store and used whatever bows and ribbons I had laying around.

For my best friend who was going through some harder times I bought some fruit from the grocery store and put together an entire fruit gift basket, along with some Vera Wang earrings and several chocolates.

I had so much fun putting these baskets together to tell special friends we have: THANK YOU!

I also saved some money in stamps and just attached our Family Christmas Card to the baskets.

For Nicky’s teacher we had 2 gift cards along with a box of chocolates.

Pre-Wrapped Gift

The kids and I had so much fun delivering the gifts on the days leading up to Christmas: playing secret stealthy Christmas Elves, delivering cheer to the front doors of our friends and family! We even brought the dog.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s Day and with our limited access to activities, maybe consider a road trip to delivering some goodies to your family & friends – grab some hot chocolate and coffee on the way.

The Christmas prior in 2019 we were able to surprise our children with an unexpected New Years Eve trip to DISNEY WORLD! This gift I made a “You’re Going to Disney!! booklet” and gift cards that was wrapped inside of 7 individually wrapped boxes – the first one being enormous!

The “You’re Going to Disney!” booklet was made out of just some construction paper, google photos I printed and some old Disney vacation booklets they used to send, when you booked a vacation.

For my in-laws 55th Emerald Wedding Anniversary of course I made an Emerald Anniversary Gift Basket! I went to Home Goods and purchased all sorts of green packaged items. Sticking to the emerald theming I found a box of tea inside of a green box as well as some pistachios, cookies, dried edamame and soap.

I found some palm tree string lights (green!) and added them to the package along with a battery operated candle and attached a 55 years sticker to it. Who couldn’t use some timer string lights and a battery operated candle for all the times we lose power – which seems like a lot lately in North NJ!

I also went to the bakery and purchased some brownies, almond bars and individual cheesecakes (those were not green – but who wouldn’t use some extra goodness?!). I had run out of time leading up to delivery. If I had spent more time on the final outcome, I think I could have made it prettier but alas this is what they got!

My in-laws loved their Christmas basket and their Anniversary basket – it really helped raise their spirits during this tough time.

Lord knows that this past year has been tough and if anything what is better than brightening someone’s day and lifting their spirits?! Especially when we have to spend so much time apart and not together.

Check out my post on 14 Days Of I LOVE YOU leading up to Valentine’s Day!

What are you doing to celebrate those you love for Valentine’s Day this year?!

When is your next Disney World Vacation?!

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