Recent Lego Builds

Imperial TIE Fighter™, Hogwarts™ Moment: Potions Class, Death Star Cannon, Ice Skating Rink, Architecture London, Lego Chocolate Box and Flower, Lego Ninjago Legacy Cole Vs Ghost Epic Battle Set, Lego Ninjago Legacy Zane Vs Nindroid Epic Battle Set

Passing the time between Walt Disney World Vacations is hard enough never mind adding in this world-wide pandemic that we have been battling for almost a year. Lego has been a great way to pass the time, be creative and stimulate the mind while staying indoors. It has been super cold and snowy in the Northeast not leaving us with many options for activities for kids. The past 2 weekends we have spent building Legos with Mikey. Two weeks ago we went to the Lego Store at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY. There Mikey bought the London Architecture set for $39.99.

When ordering through a lot of times they have promotions where you get a small free Lego with a purchase that is normally over $40 and up… When I ordered Mikey’s big birthday gift, I received the skating rink as a free gift. The Lego Architecture London and Imperial Tie Fighter each came with a complimentary Chocolate Box and Flower build. We seem to remember getting this complimentary Chocolate Box and Flower build last year at this time as well.

Being a member of Lego VIP (FREE to sign up) you get points for all purchases made in-store or online at and for Mikey’s big birthday gift I earned a $40 off coupon along with a FREE minifig keychain.

When we ordered Mikey some “Pick-a-Bricks”, (have not been delivered yet) he ordered the Death Star Cannon along which ended up coming first.

Lego Star Wars Death Cannon

One exciting new LEGO Collection Mikey has started working on is the LEGO Harry Potter Howarts Moment Brick Book Playsets. They are classroom playsets in a brick book that all connect to each other and run at $29.99 each. (If I am not mistaken.) So far, Mikey has built the Potion’s Class and the Herbology Class – which he has attached to each other. Mikey just needs the Charms Class and Transfiguration Class and the collection will be complete.

Lego Harry Potter Brick Book Playsets: Potions Class and Herbology Class

Mikey also purchased 2 Ninjago Legacy Epic Battle Sets: Cole Vs Ghost and then Zane Vs Nindroid. These sets are for more play and are not a big build. They are inexpensive, small, simple builds and good for entertaining kids after they build.

Mikey did another pixel art creation by googling “Toad pixel art” and putting to together just by eyeing it up.

Mikey is now anxiously awaiting for his birthday coming up in early March…. clearing room for what Lego he may get!

The Lego Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter was $40.00 at the Lego Store.

Check out my post on my Seasonal Disney World Wardrobe – I have different types of clothing for Disney depending on the time of year you go.

When is your next Disney Trip?

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