Saving For Your Next Disney Vacation By Using Your Rakuten Check!

Save MONEY towards your future Walt Disney World Vacation by using Rakuten to earn cash back for all your online shopping and purchase discounted Disney Gift Cards

Here’s How:

How exciting is it when your quarterly Rakuten check arrives from all of your daily online shopping? As soon as I get mine, I get online to see where I can find the best discount on getting a DISNEY GIFT CARD to put towards my future Walt Disney World Vacation! If you don’t already know, you can book your Walt Disney World Vacation around a year in advance and make payments as often you can, to have the vacation PAID OFF before you even arrive! Or if you need more time to save up and pay for a Disney World Vacation start stocking up on Disney Gift Cards – they NEVER expire.

Click here to sign up with Rakuten to start earning money while shopping!

Money * Funds * Cash * Coins * Bucks * Bills…. it all means the same thing and has been tight for most people lately, so every cent saved counts and it can go a long way. It is never a good idea to go into debt over a vacation so the best thing to do is save for it and have it paid off before it even starts.

I save money by ordering my Disney Gift Cards online (through Rakuten of course) through either Target or BJ’s. (Sam’s Club and Costco have around the same member pricing as BJ’s.) However, pricing is not set in stone and is subject to change at any time.

Disney Gift Cards can be used for MORE than your next Disney Vacation in Florida but also California, and also online at Shop Disney, any Disney Stores located near you, and through most stores and restaurants located through the Disney Parks, Disney Resorts and at Disney Springs!

Using your gift card online at Shop Disney? Shop through Rakuten and get cash back for your next gift card!

With this Rakuten check (as I usually do) I went on BJ’s website to check pricing on a $100 Disney Gift Card…. but then I thought, “Hmmm, well the Target Red Card lets you save 5% when purchasing by using your Red Card – why not check that out?!“…. low and behold Target was cheaper by using my Red Card! As soon as the charge is posted I will pay the card off with the money from my Rakuten check.

HOT TIP: Learn how Disney Visa can help save you MONEY

If you do not have a Target Red Card and you DO have a DISNEY CHASE VISA take these steps to earn the most amount of money:

  • First go through Rakuten and then sign into your BJ’s account. Add preferred Disney Gift Card to cart. (Sometimes Rakuten does not offer cash back at BJ’s lately so you may want to look into a wholesale club that it does offer cash back through Rakuten)
  • Order your discounted Disney Gift Card ( a lesser cost than the true value of the card) by using your Disney Visa
  • Earn Reward Bucks TO BE USED at Disney on your vacation or while saving for your vacation from your Disney Visa. Use the Disney Visa while on vacation to start earning reward bucks for your next Disney Vacation. Use your Disney Visa at any authorized Disney Store for a discount on your total bill, as well as at MOST Disney owned restaurants at the parks and in Disney Springs.
  • Pay off your Disney Visa as soon as the total is posted!!!
  • ** Disney Visa allows vacation financing: up to 6 months interest free for your vacation package**

So yes you are buying a $100 Disney Gift Card – worth $100 for only $95.00 through Target or at different pricing through BJ’s. They also sell Disney Gift Cards for $25.00, $50.00, $150.00 and $500.00. The latest $500 Disney Gift Card is available at BJ’s for $479.00 – that is a pretty good deal.

I really enjoy these fun little ways of saving some cash $$ here and there for Disney!

What are some of your ideas and tips for saving money for vacation?

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