What Eye Shadow Pallet Am I Wearing?

Find out the eye shadow pallet I used to achieve this look

Spring is my favorite time to try out new makeup for Spring / Summer looks!

So funny as I took this picture before I went out side to film a YouTube video, my hair was all nice and curly but as soon as I got outside it was so humid that the curl came right out of my hair! Don’t judge here – I am not using a filter so you can see the colors of my eyeshadow.

I am so glad to be rid of winter and moving onto experimenting with new Spring looks. I gave in and bought Tarte’s new Tartelette pallet and also Ulta’s own Everyday Faves.

As amazing as these colors look I honestly have not been that impressed… yea I know – but everyone loves it. At a $45.00 price point, I am not really too thrilled with the way the pigment comes out. I LOVE the look of the colors when I am looking at the pallet, I am just not very convinced. If I am going to invest almost $50.00 in a makeup pallet it better be off the hook!

First I started out prepping and priming my skin, applied my foundation and concealer making sure my eyes were ready to go.

I started out blending happiness across my brow-bone, to raise my “hooded eye”. It looks much darker than it really is.

Then on the outside corners to make my eyes look bigger I blended luscious from the corners of my eyelash line up to the brow bone for a “winged” effect. In addition to this area I blended Tarte’s “dusk” color and also the Ulta pallet’s purple/brownish color seen below that is the bottom row – middle.

For the INNER CORNERS of the eye, I blended Tarte’s water lily color. Then the center of the eye was blended with paradise. The very top, underneath the eyebrow I used Tarte’s wishful. My bottom and top eyeliner is Tarte’s euphoric, followed by mascara.

I am forever sitting and trying new makeup looks and I am always on the hunt for some fresh new ideas!

I always like having what makeup I will be wearing while on vacation figured out ahead of time, this way when I am on the go I can just apply and be on my way. This is one look I will be using throughout the spring and definitely into the summer.

I need to get back to some Spring CLEANING – with a black lab mix, I feel like every other day is spring cleaning! ugh! I just have too many people in my house at all times. YIKES LOL But as we get into the weekend I definitely cannot wait to spend sometime outside!

What are your weekend plans?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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