What Is Going In My Kids’ Easter Baskets

Easter Is Approaching! Need ideas on what to put in your kids’ Easter baskets?

Surprise Disney Gifts!

FYI – I don’t have little kids anymore! My two boys are now a teenager and heading towards 11 years old. They are both in men’s clothing now!


With Summer approaching quickly and an another unusual summer of having to wear added discomfort with the extra heat of masks, I am determined to find as comfortable of clothing as possible for my kids. Since this summer we will be traveling out and about – as safely as possibly – its necessary to be dressed as comfortable as possible. Now I have been searching Marshalls and Walmart every weekend for their dry-fast materials clothing but haven’t really found much. So as I was meandering around Kohls I found a lot of great Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor cooling athletics wear. These clothes could also be worn IF they go back to school in person this fall and with the giant growth spurt my kids had last year I am really hoping to get 2 summer uses out of them now they are in mens’ medium/large sizes.

If you are able to, this is a great investment of some of the stimulus funds, because even if you do not have a trip planned even just shopping or a stroll in the heat will be uncomfortable.

This wasn’t cheap since these brands rarely ever go on sale and coupons do not apply! One way of ensuring a little money back would be shopping online through Rakuten – at least this way you know you will be getting a little cash back at some point. My kids grew so much over the past year – Mikey is now 13 and Nicky is going on 11 and both are super tall so they are now in a size men’s medium (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!) and I am really hoping they make it through next summer too!


The kids always have a school fund raiser with a Gertrude Hawk Easter Sale – so we always load up on Easter chocolate from there. Its so delicious as well.


More face masks from http://www.shopdisney.com – Shop Disney has some excellent breathable masks and have improved a lot since last year.


I also have some “Baby Yoda” Disney Grogu Crocs that I have had stashed for a while. As soon as I saw them I got them for the kids. They need new Crocs anyway and go along with summer clothing.

Time For The Husband To Get Some New Cooling Clothing

It is past due for my husband to get some comfortable cooling clothing because again it will be hot and it is unfortunate the masks create added body heat. I also bought him a collared Under Armor cooling golf shirt and 2 Under Armor cooling shirts that aren’t as dressy. The hubby is also getting 2 paris of jeans that he really needs and a new pair of workbooks. Can’t forget the sugar free chocolate for my love who has been a diabetic since the age of 7 years old. I also purchased my 3 guys a matching blue cooling shirt from Target. I am excited to try using Peppermint Oil as a cooling agent on the back of the neck.

Easter Basket Hacks

I found this super neat and cool idea on someone else’s YouTube Channel her name is Always Lorna Marie. Her video is about using a new beach towel as an Easter “Basket” instead of using an actual basket because this YouTuber lives in an RV full-time with 4 kids and she does not have the space to save baskets! What a neat and new idea! I think that is an amazing way to live and I love watching her videos on how she packs her bags and preps for parks and vacations. Here is a link to her YouTube video:

Here is a link for MY YOUTUBE Video Discussing my kids’ Easter Basket Kohls Haul!

Since my kids are getting a big amount of clothing this year, I am loving the idea of trying a new beach towel (picture above) as the bottom base of the Easter Basket but I didn’t really copy the towel-basket idea, I sort of made my own make-shift basket with wrapping paper. Find the post on that here: https://familypixiedust.com/2021/03/29/ditch-the-typical-easter-basket-and-try-something-new/

I hope I helped provide you with some ideas for your children’s Easter Baskets this year!

It finally feels like we are growing closer to normal in preparing for the summer with new fresh clothing!

What are your Easter plans?

What are you putting in your family’s Easter Baskets?

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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