The Most Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Yet

Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift that is going to knock the socks off the Mother of your children?

Sometimes the most outstanding gifts can cost little to nothing at all. What Mother doesn’t want to sleep in, have absolutely NO arguments, not cook and have her house cleaned – this is something all the Mother’s crave. Mothers do much for the people they love – 24/7, it never stops and nor do they stop to think about it. So definitely reward her with something so deserving and so touching.

Flowers are beautiful but lets face it – they die. How many knickknacks can we all have to dust? Don’t we all wish that we could travel to Disney World for Mother’s day?! I spent Mother’s Day in 2015 which was probably my most MAGICAL Mother’s Day yet including some of my most adored photographs of my children and I at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! But Disney World can be a small fortune, so the following idea will be a smart financial option.

I was asking some of my closest friends what they really desire for Mother’s Day. The subsequent idea was just so heartwarming and touching to hear! My friend’s husband has been keeping a journal from her children for every Mother’s Day since they are babies!


Journal To Mom from the Kids written inside every Mother’s Day

As early as you can, whether is scribble or the kids are already 5 years old – start a journal to the amazing Mother of your children at every Mother’s Day so she can look back each year to see how they have grown! This is something she will cherish forever and it really does not cost much to do.

Simple Ideas To Write About:

  • how much we love mommy
  • my favorite thing about mommy
  • why mommy is so pretty
  • thanks for all you do mommy
  • my favorite memory with mom
  • what I look forward to doing with mom
  • why mom will always be my best friend
  • what flower does mom remind me of
  • what color does mom remind me of
  • a poem about mom
  • mommy hugs mean the world to me
  • why I appreciate mom
  • how I can always depend on mom

You can always add a picture or drawing inside and make sure you date it!

What are your Mother’s Day plans this year?

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