Your Bronx Zoo Itinerary

Don’t want to stand in line? Read this!

Your Bronx Zoo Itinerary:

Now with Covid regulations the Bronx Zoo is doing an amazing job at limiting the amount of people walking through their bigger exhibits but it is causing lines. Read more to find out. Masks are required at all times.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your trip going wayward. These are just my suggestions and opinions. I am in no way paid by Disney or the Bronx Zoo. I am only paid through products you may buy on Amazon.

If there is anything a Disney Addict knows, it is how to do Disney so everyone has the most magical wonderful vacation possible. This leads to the creation of learning how to do everything that you do to maximize your time and fun.

Bronx Zoo Monorail Only Runs May through October!

This is ultimately the best thing ever about the Bronx Zoo! At Disney level uniqueness and magic, the Bronx Zoo Monorail is a fantastic ride through “Asia” showing off some of the greatest “big” animals in the Eastern Hemisphere. Similar to the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, this monorail ride not only gives you an amazing view of so many cool animals but it also entails an expert guide who drives the train while pointing out interesting facts and information during this expedition. While riding on this adventure, you will see animals LIKE elephants, pandas, zebras and rhinos.

Each of the following exhibits are absolutely phenomenal, pristine and clean but do take time to walk through and see all there is to see!

Arrive to Bronx Zoo at opening – usually 10am. Go onto the Bronx Zoo website from your phone and click “I’m in the zoo”. There you will have a map of the zoo in the palm of your hands.

If you’re going between May – end of October I would head straight to ASIA – to hop on the Monorail before the lines fill up.

When you get off the Monorail there are plenty of drinks and snack vendors around if you need a break.


This was by far the longest line we witnessed later in the day!! It had a line form around lunchtime and then it went way back by 2pm!

NOTE: There are shuttles located around the park – check the map. It was a fun, relaxing, refreshing break to the other side of the zoo.

Next make a direct route to the CONGO EXHIBIT.

The Congo exhibit is another very popular and fascinating habitat for the apes and gorillas.

After you have hit these 3 main exhibits then I would find it safe to say that it is ok to venture onto the other animal habitats in all the areas.

Map Out Your Day Before You Go.

I highly recommend looking at the map, knowing where you are going to park in advance. This way you can plan out your route to save time and hit the 3 most popular exhibits that really make this zoo remarkable. It is expensive to attend this zoo, so you are going to want to make the most out of your day. I also suggest staying until closing and then finding a restaurant not far for dinner and let the rush hour traffic pass – since its a highly populated area. Just like at Disney, if you don’t see it all – it is ok. Make sure that you see what is important for your family to see.

Pack lunches and snacks to save money!

I have a big Disney World backpack that I take on all of our adventures. It has cup holders on the sides and several compartments that I have extra masks, band aides etc. The only thing we purchased besides lunch for my husband and I were ICY (slushies) for the kids and an iced coffee for me on the way home.

What was in my backpack?

  • Electrolyte Waters
  • Diet Coke (for my husband and I)
  • Apple Juice travel bottles
  • Sandwiches
  • cut up strawberries in Tupperware
  • grapes in Tupperware
  • Salty snacks like pretzels, pirate booty and potato chips for my POTSY child
  • Extra Salt Sticks
  • Children and Adult Pain Killers
  • Bug Spray
  • SPF
  • Extra Masks
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses

Just like Disney – hydrate yourself before you even venture out! Once you feel thirsty – it is too late.


Map out your route going to the Bronx Zoo! Going there from North Jersey, our GPS had us take the George Washington but for the way home we took the Palisades Parkway and then went over the former Tappan Zee Bridge which is now called the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. It was really a beautiful ride home.

Do you have any tips for the Bronx Zoo?

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