“Adopting A Senior” on FB?

Adopting A Senior Can Brighten a High School Senior’s World


It is now April 2021 and the high school seniors across the U.S. are missing out on so much of what they would have been enjoying if this pandemic never hit. No senior proms, no senior dinners, no senior dances, no senior trips. UGH What can we do to help make it a little more memorable?! I just did my FIRST round of Adopt a Senior Gifts! I chose 3 high school seniors from our town (usually there is a group on FB where you can “adopt“)- one of them happens to be one of our families’ best friends and the others we know from other occasions.


I always go to http://www.canva.com for creating some free designs of my own. There are images that you can pay for but when you’re trying to be frugal, I just use what is available for free. You can create whatever size you like and save it to your computer. You can insert your own pictures as well.


Since we are always out of ink and our printer never works all that well, I like to go through Rakuten to send over your creations to Staples.com and have them print it out. When you are on http://www.staples.com and go to the drop down for printing services: then choose Document Print from the drop down menu – I like to choose Simple Print and from there you click start project and just follow the steps for uploading with all of your choices. Your documents are usually ready in the same day and you can choose better quality paper like card stock or glossy thick stock.

Click on this link here to create a Rakuten Account to start saving money while shopping!


Then you simply choose Staples and you will get a percentage back on what your paying to have printed!

These are some of the creations I have made so far:


So I wanted to do more than one round of gifts – right now I am thinking its going to be 3 or 4 by the last one. I will do either 1 or 2 in May and then the last one in June. Yesterday, April 23, I just dropped off the first gift which was the “YOU’RE A SMART COOKIE” theme. I picked up some bigger snack packs of random cookies and some chocolates. The Dollar Tree had so many excellent graduation decorations! I bought these little plastic plates to make a gift basket on. 5 plates for 1 dollar.

These treats are just a little something, to help the kids smile.

After I had everything put together, I left them at their doorsteps for a surprise.

As I complete the following gifts I will share with you but for now I cannot disclose that information because I do not wish to ruin any future surprises!

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