Or vacationing anywhere really

Here are the 5 MUST-HAVE ITEMS for your park bag:

Cooling Rechargeable Neck Fans Necklace Battery Operated Fans

Calling all luxury travel moms! If you’re heading to Walt Disney World this summer, it is going to be hot and you will need help. I carry two different types of neck fans for each of my family members. The first kind are the new fun white bladeless ones (from amazon) that gently sit around your neck and blow air up into your face/ head.

Necklace Battery Operated Fans

You can use these in addition to your bladeless neck fans – because TRUST ME – you will want both. Especially when you’re standing outside in the burning sun and unbreathable humidity, these will be your saving grace.

Cooling Towels / Spray Fans

Yes these are a must – these can help lower your body temperature instantly to a comfortable point. My kids like to get the free ice water at Disney and fill the spray fans with the ice to make the spray nice and icy cold. I also will keep the cooling towels in a zip lock bag, so when we arrive to the Disney Parks, again we can grab from free ice water and put some of the ice into the zip locks making the towels cold. (Not to mention chewing on the ice is fun as well.)


One for each member of your party – inside of your backpack. Umbrellas will really help you for those unexpected daily rainstorms that come out of nowhere! Sometimes wearing a poncho is so hot and makes you feel even more humid inside of the plastic. ***These also double for sun shade! When the sweat is dripping down your back among other places, you will appreciate some portable shade. I prefer to buy SPF Umbrella’s to block the hot sun’s rays and then also keep us dry!***


You’re going to need to need something to cover up that backpack full of things you’re carrying around and an umbrella alone won’t cut it. Also if you’re planning on riding Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, or maybe a water ride at another park and you don’t feel like being soaked this will come in handy!

Electrolyte Beverages

When the sun is so powerful and it’s so humid, you have to be careful to not dehydrate which will happen very easily walking so many miles each day of your trip. We save money by brining our own Gatorades, Powerades and Electrolyte Waters to keep everyone in your party hydrated and feeling good. Being dehydrated can put a huge damper on your trip! It can cause you to have fevers, nausea, become lethargic – who needs that when you’ve sacrificed so much, spent a significant amount of money and are trying to make the most magical memories.

What are your must-have items for your theme park bag? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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