Frank Sinatra Waterfront Park in Hoboken NJ

Beautiful Clean Waterfront Park Walkway in Hoboken, NJ with Sleek, Modern Playground

Lets face it – we all can’t be in Disney all the time can we?! Here are some travel exploration ideas I have come up with, to keep my family busy exploring and learning between Disney Trips!

As summer came to an end here in North Jersey, the weather (following in it’s same pattern for all of 2021 was not the greatest). So in following our summer adventures in searching for waterfront park’s, I came across the Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken NJ.

This waterfront walkway provides gorgeous grounds and a paved walkway with a modish playground design. With ample places to wine and dine this could also double as a whimsical date night as the skyline of NYC is lite up at night.

This was a great place for the family to visit and walk for exercise and exploration.

If you’re into Photo Ops – this is the perfect place!

We finished up our evening dining at the waterfront Blue Eyes Restaurant- a nice Italian Restaurant including a children’s menu.

What adventures have you been on lately?

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