Planning on heading to Disney World for the HOLIDAYS? Read here.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way responsible for anything that may, or may not happen on your Disney Trip. I just encompass a love of planning Disney Travel: it brings me pure joy and I have lots of experience and opinions.

It is now October and even if you are just thinking of heading to Disney anytime from now until January 1st you really need to start planning…. Like ASAP…

It is currently Disney World’s 50th Anniversary which means more people than ever are heading there! Mix that with the usual insane Christmas crowds and you have capacity limits being reached in no time.

At this time, you are still required to make park reservations in advanced and I have noticed a lot of hotels filling up for certain dates as well.

At least with Disney, right now (before the time being) you can put a deposit on a hotel and have it refunded right up until a few days before your trip – due to Covid regulations changing things up.

I would say: start with checking what hotels are available for the dates you want and check park availability while you’re at it – *you wouldn’t want dates where you can get into any parks!*

Advanced Dining Reservations “ADR’s” are still only available to be made 60 days prior to your trip and we are quickly coming upon 60 days until Christmas 🎄 😅😅

Keep in mind Christmas is the most expensive time of the year – but ahhh yes – all magic comes at a price! Having said that, since the weather is so fantastic this time of the year as well I would even recommend the Value Resorts to save some cash – if you need to – especially since it won’t be as hot for some extra walking.

🤞 Good Luck!

Happy Planning!

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