DIY Holiday Card Picture Ideas

Ideas for Annual Family Christmas Card Picture

So every year I try to be super creative and take pictures – especially of my kids – in different areas each year.

Fall Beach Portrait

I haven’t used a professional photographer since my kids were babies. I prefer saving money by capturing the shots myself with my iPhone 11- which has an excellent camera. Taking unique portraits has become a hobby of mine! It has become a great creative outlet and a perfect excuse to make the kids dress up.

Since last year was 2020 – the great unpleasant year that left us with no social events – and only nature to work with. This happened to be one of my favorite Christmas Cards yet! ♥️ We took the kids the first weekend of October to the Jersey Shore with a few props – dressed in red. We made sure to angle the camera so the sun was behind us so we weren’t squinting. We had such a great time. When we were done, my fish-kids took a dive into the ocean, which was so warm – good thing I had extra clothes! **I had so many great pics – I just had to make it double sided!!

Vacation Pics

In the past I have used attractive vacation pics that were taken from throughout the year. Especially if there is some gorgeous scenery behind you.

Zoo Shots

Every year – (except 2020) a favorite zoo not too far from our home, does a beautiful Christmas light show and one year I decided to get some great shots in there.

Holiday Events

When I don’t have to rush, I utilize some of the holiday farm events in my town that look so beautiful when decorated for Christmas.

2021 Family Portrait Arboretum Idea

Finding it hard to top last year’s amazing beach picture I decided to try out a beautiful arboretum located in Morris County, NJ. What’s even better not only was the beach free but so are most arboretums!! We threw on our red Christmas sweaters and my tripod into my trunk and headed out. Below are some of the shots I captured. *I always prefer Shutterfly designs to plug my pictures in for our yearly Christmas Card.* I prefer to order my Christmas Cards through Shutterfly by shopping through Rakuten! Who doesn’t want money back from Christmas Shopping. Every February I usually get close to or around $100 back!!! CLICK HERE TO SHOP THROUGH RAKUTEN AND EARN MONEY BACK BY SIMPLE SHOPPING.


  • Purchase Christmas Clothes on Sale and the end of the season every year – just make sure a size or 2 bigger for the kids
  • Depending on how much time you have plan your pictures accordingly – if you have time & aren’t in a rush that gives you more time to capture more photos at several holiday events
  • Try to make a fun day out of it… don’ stress everyone out – laugh and have a great time!

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