DIY LEGO Christmas Tree Ornaments

Have Christmas Trees in your kids’ rooms? If one of them is a LEGO lover then try making your own Christmas Ornaments out of LEGO!

Of course we do have a few purchased LEGO ornaments that he put together but then he decided to do some on his own, with pieces we already had. You can purchase some kits on or at any Lego Store, Legoland Theme Park, and at the Lego Store in Disney Springs!

There are so many step by step guides on Pinterest. My one son can look at a picture and just figure out how to put the pieces together – I have to admit, he is pretty smart and talented. 🀩

Do you have more than 1 Christmas Tree?

What do you like to deforate with?

DIY Winter Wreath Ideas

Winter Wreath Ideas DIY

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