What You Need To Know About Genie+ Before You Go!

Our Experience with Genie+


When we travel to Disney World we always use Disney’s Disability Access System for our younger son who suffers from POTS and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Both of these chronic medical conditions can cause him to have blood pooling in the legs, get dizzy/pass out, it messes with his blood pressure and pulse just from standing in one place too long -without moving. They also bring on a lot of IBS – just from extra exercise or warmer temps. We have never had any issues with it UNTIL our December 2021 trip.

Our first park day was at Hollywood Studios and Upon Arrival the Cast Member at Guest Services told us that DAS was now for people with cognitive disabilities and pointed us in the the way of wheelchairs. My son does not need a wheel chair……. he can walk – actually the more exercise is better for him because if he conforms to a wheelchair it will make his already weak muscles weaker. This woman clearer did NOT understand the impact of his condition at all. DAS simply states it is for people that are NOT able to stand in long lines. PERIOD.


So trying not to feel too angry and let it destroy our day, we decided to add the Genie+. It came to over an extra $60 for the day for the 4 of us. Since we had not signed up and booked something at 7am Rise of Resistance and Slinky – Hollywood’s 2 most popular rides – were completely sold out for the day. Pure heart ache right here. Rise of the Resistance had 2 hour wait times. Slinky always has about a 90 minute wait. DISNEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

If we had KNOWN prior and signed up for this “amazing” Genie+ before 7am**** we could have booked RIR and then made it to Slinky at rope drop. Rope Drop is a simple term Disney Addicts use for getting inside the park as soon as it opens and you make a beeline to your ride of choice. Typically at rope drop there are minimal to low wait times.

We Only Used Genie+ for 1 maybe 2 Rides.

What a waste.


Plan to pay $15 per person extra per day for any day you want to utilize Disney+.

Research Disney+ prior to your vacation. Watch YouTube videos on how to use it. We love DFB – Disney Food Blog and All Ears Molly.

I believe you have the option to purchase Disney+ now when booking your vacation but do not quote me on that, I am not 100% sure. Just make sure you plan to purchase it 6:30 the morning of your park day (if you’re a resort guest) and from 6:45 on keep trying to book the most popular rides that you and your family are interested in getting on. Then for the others plan to “rope drop” or hit it at park closing.

Disney World If You Are Reading: PLEASE BRING BACK THE DINING PLAN AND 3 (free) FAST PASSES per day! What are you thinking?!!

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