Iris Trail Rock on Lake Rutherford @ High Point State Park, NJ

Easy Family Friendly Trail in North Jersey with Breathtaking Views

Park for Trail Along Rt. 23 Heading into High Point State Park – it’s a trailhead before you get to the maintenance yard on the same side of the road.

Kid & Pet Friendly Wide Easy Walk

Most gravel-path with occasional mud and ice. Might not want to bring any strollers through the rainy snowy winter months. Path might be too hard to push a stroller in.

This is a flat trail since you are not hiking inside the woods; unless you venture off onto side trails.

Trail extends beyond Lake Rutherford where Geocaching is available.

If you have any energy after 1 miles to the beginning of the lake and then back to your car, High Point State park has so many amazing trails and during the summer swimming at Lake Marcia. High Point State Park also has many tables for picnicking.

Trail does extend beyond the beginning of this monstrous lake. All Trails App states this is a 6.2 mile loop.

Make sure to visit High Point’s Monument which is dedicated to New Jersey’s Veterans before you leave!

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