DIY Winter Wreath Ideas

Front Door or Inside Wreaths

Adorn your front door or inside hallway with your own handmade beautiful winter wreath.

DIY motivational ideas!

Who isn’t interested in saving money and decorating their home just the way they like?! Embellish and garnish your own home furnishings just the way you like. These snow-kissed looking wreaths were so much fun to make!

I bought 4 plain green wreaths 2 days after Christmas for 75% off! So I only paid $1.50 for each wreath! (I have 2 saved to the side for spring/summer wreath creations!)

What was used from Walmart:

⭐️Rust-Oleum Paint + Primer Satin White Spray Paint

⭐️Blue tulle

What was used from Dollar Tree:

⭐️White * Blue * Purple * Turquoise Fake Flowers

⭐️ Blue Diamond Wrap

Trying to think of a fun non-Christmas “winter theme” wreaths for the front doors the colors that came to mind were silver, white, blue, purple and glittery sparkles.

Hot Glue was used to attach all flowers and diamond wrap to the wreaths.

I also have 2 Front Door Spring * Summer Wreaths in the making! To be continued….

What project are you working on?

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