Job Seekers: Tips and Advice March 2023

I have started a new venture! With 10 years of marketing experience and taking time away from the business world to raise my family I am now excited to return to work full-time remotely (I am also flexible for a hybrid position) so I can increase our income while still being there for my children. It has been a tough journey because I have been working in education since 2015 so I have been spending countless hours refreshing my business skills so I can be more valuable to hiring employers. I recently became lucky enough to have a handful of business professionals coaching me along the way – (out of the goodness of their own hearts) that I have met through LinkedIn. I have decided to share some tips with you since it is tough and we could all use as much help as possible!

  1. Update Resume
  2. Expand Network in LinkedIn
  3. Spruce Up Skills
  4. Use the Internet and Company Websites to Directly to Apply

Do you have any other tips and suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas!


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