How To: Disney World In July

If you are planning to vacation at Walt Disney World this summer, it is definitely doable while knowing your expectations.  Walt Disney World is the optimum vacation of all family getaways and the fact that it is summer makes all the feels even more exciting.

Get your planner and pen ready for the great tips below on surviving the heat of the summer at Walt Disney World!!

You can still enjoy Walt Disney World during the summer regardless of the heat but you might need to prep everyone in advance.  🟥 Talk to your family or party about how you are going to plan each day out.  *Every member of your party should know if they will be getting up⏰ early – get them excited for “rope drop” – which means getting to the park prior to opening. This is when the Florida rays will be at their coolest in temps and the least amount of crowds inside the parks. 📢 Inform your party of things you will be packing in your park bag to keep everyone comfortable in the event they need something. 

Disney World in summer is also the rainy season – so that is another thing to prepare for on top of the heat.  ☔For this you will need to have an alternate rain plan devised by your party in advance. 🌧️Discuss what it will be like on nights it may be a wash-out.  🦜Some people still like to brave the parks….  if there is no thunder you may ride all indoor rides. 🌩️ If you are looking at thunderstorms you might want to consider last  minute dinner reservations at a one of the many WDW resorts to explore the inside of the Disney resort lobby and shops. 🥙Disney Deluxe Resorts with multiple dinner options also offer lounges and shops.


Start EARLY and do some mid-day breaks, returning to the parks at night. 💤 Take a  midday nap.🥽Swim and enjoy your resort.🏊 Have dinner🍲 at your resort and then return to the parks later.   There is something about the Disney Parks all lit up at night which creates a glowing ambiance. 

Pack extra clothes – set aside a time for 🧺 laundry.  You are going to sweat and need to change your shirt halfway through the day. 

Portable Fans😎 – I recommend these Portable Neck Fans – like a personal AC  as well as these neck fans since they are smaller 

Pack cooling towels 🧣

Make Table Service Dining Reservations for LUNCH🥗 to get out of the AC, relax while not worrying about waiting in crowds. Research the table service restaurants at the parks you have reservations for in advance so you know what to pick on the morning of your reservations date.  You can create these 60 days in advance.  This way when everyone is cranky and hungry for lunch you aren’t desperate looking for a table amongst a crowd at a quick service.

Ask for FREE cups of ICE🧊 WATER❄️ or ICE at Quick Service / Counter locations inside the parks. You will not be able to request water at the carts.

Walk through gift🛍️ shops for air conditioning

Wear light colors: Dri-fit materials. I am a middle-aged mom so I prefer skorts – some people prefer light dresses.  Whatever is cool and comfortable will be best! Dress your kids in comfortable dri-fit clothing.  Everything worn must be comfortable.

Hiking🥾 Sandals🩴 – these are best because they are waterproof and dry fast.  Pack a second pair of shoes in case you get caught in a downpour and your shoes are soaked! These women’s sandals are so comfortable you do not have to break them in!

SPF Umbrellas⛱️ for shade – doubles as rain umbrella. I recommend this SPF Umbrella. 

Pack ibuprofen and acetaminophen in your park bag along with bandaids, benadryl and cortisone.  

Pack🌂 raincoats, ponchos and umbrellas in your park bag.  All of these are accessible at WDW but will cost you an arm and a leg.   

Drink🫗 before you even leave your hotel room each morning.  Once you start to feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated.  You will get dehydrated walking at the parks in the heat so take time to hydrate.

HOT TIP: when arriving at a Disney park heading to security – take all UMBRELLAS, PORTABLE CHARGERS AND FANS out of your bag – hold them in front of you as you proceed through security. This will stop you from having to have your bag checked.

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