DIY Lego Birthday Lawn Signs

Pandemic Birthday Ideas

Going out of our way to make pandemic birthdays all the more special

In January when I realized my older son Mikey’s 13 birthday was just around the bend, I was trying to figure out how to make it all the more special especially since we have another year where we can’t have a nice family gathering like in past years. All the more special without spending a crazy amount of money. Mikey has always been a creative Lego builder so I wanted to bring that into play. During the winter I saw some friends who live in Florida celebrating their elderly Mother’s birthday, social-distance-style, with these beautiful lawn signs!

I am by no means this perfect, classy crafter designer that you see on YouTube and Instagram. I am not talented. This is real, down-to-earth decorating to liven up my son’s 13th birthday. I am here just trying to brighten up a not-so-bright world that we are living in at the moment. I don’t complain, I plan out exactly how to make it better.

In researching I found that Birthday Lawn Signs could get very pricey – and for something that may not last due to weather conditions, I really didn’t want to spend too much. I order a simple “Happy Birthday” lawn sign off of Walmart. com and decided I was going to create “Mikey” and “13” myself, with the help of my husband.

Walmart Sign

Making Mikey’s name plus the number 13 was a little more complicated but they are much easier to see from the road and much more vibrant!

Supplies You Will Need To Make Your Amazing Lawn Sign:

We needed 7 foam boards for M-I-K-E-Y and then 1 and 3. My husband was so good for bringing home the DeWALT Utility Knife to cut the foam boards into letters and the 13. He used an old piece of wood slap to cut over so to not destroy anything underneath. Each letter got its own board. My husband eyed it up on his own and used a pencil to trace where he wanted to cut.

Since my birthday kid is still very much into LEGO, I decided on using old LEGO plastic tablecloth as the design as opposed to painting. The end result was cute but the darker parts of the LEGO tablecloth blended in too much with our brick house so if I were to do this again, I would choose solid vibrant paint. Paint is also a much easier and neater option.

Thank Goodness The Snow Has Since Melted!


The remainder was to be done OUTSIDE, as the 3M Adhesive is toxic, flammable and should not be sprayed inside an enclosed non-ventilated area. I placed a letter over the table cloth and proceeded as if I was wrapping a giant Christmas gift. I cut off any extra to save for the remaining letters. I sprayed the 3M Adhesive all over the foam board and wrapped the table cloth around the letter/number as tightly as I could.


I used the retractable DeWALT knife to cut through any holes as well as any extra table cloth. After I completed all the letters I sprayed them with Scotch Guard. The only issue was, it prevented the duck tape from adhering to the letters and numbers. What worked best and mounting it to the landscaping spikes was wrapping the letters to the spikes with clear packing tape. I realized I needed to wrap each letter and number completely in the clear packing tape to secure it, as well as keep it safe. Even the little Happy Birthday sign from Walmart needed to have the backs of the letters taped to each other since the March winds have been wreaking havoc!

We have been lucky that all of the signs have not budged in these crazy North Jersey winds! I think the key is using the clear packing tape and wrapping them around the steaks tightly, which also seals up the letters. If I could do it again I would pick solid vibrant paints because I feel like it would be a little easier, less messier (perhaps lol) and more evident from afar. After it was all done, I took my jar of glitter, sprayed some 3M adhesive on top of each letter and threw glitter on top. Now they sparkle too!

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What are some of your ideas for making your loved ones birthdays more special?

What plans do you have for Easter?

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Hiking and Nature; Walking Cures Covid Boredom

Nature Views Fill The Void In The Heart

My how life has changed! Back when Covid hit last March, we were all basically afraid to leave the driveway. It was really hard to relieve some of the boredom and mental anguish of what was going on in the world around us. Having Disney World and Disney Land closed made what was happening in the world all the more REAL. Prayers to the 400,000 Americans that have lost their lives to Covid-19. As someone who was always planning their next family Disney World Trip – I knew I was in for a real struggle, and some real emotional damage. I was someone who not only was planning an upcoming trip, but a trip for the following year after! In 2019 we traveled to Disney World three times! I am forever grateful and thankful for all the wonderful trips we have had, not just in Disney but all over. We went in April 2019 and stayed at Port Orlean’s French Quarter. August we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and New Years Eve through the first week of January 2020 we stayed at the mother of all DW resorts The Grand Floridian.

I knew then that things were not going to be the same for a while so I needed to find some ways to help my whole family – and also as an outlet, a way to keep myself sane! We needed something we could do together while getting exercise all at the same time. So my sister-in-law introduced me to the All Trails App.

It is difficult to put into words how the time walking outside each day really affects and lifts my mental health and wellness. It gives me something to plan with my family. I know they have said it has been proven that nature cures depression – yes! I am telling you it works. As someone who loves, lives and enjoys to plan – I find myself battling so much sadness. I feel grateful and blessed that we are all OK, & healthy and that we have survived Covid but I still feel this deep sorrow… to be missing out on such precious time traveling with my children; while they are still “small” yet not so small. You know really where I would love to be with them.

Being on the “go” 24/7 came to a screeching halt. I was working at an elementary school, (now on leave) and was able to work around the kids being at school. I would pick them up from school and each night of the week we had a different sport, or club that they were running to. In the beginning of the quarantine, it was nice to have a break, but being the very social person I am, has made it a heavy burden to bear. The scenic views we discover while on the trails are absolutely majestic and soul-warming – reassuring that it will be ok. It will be ok even if we don’t see our family, our friends and our favorite mouse for a while.

We even spotted a frozen waterfall about 2 weeks ago at the Wallkill Valley Wildlife Refuge – picture above.

The only way my children have been staying connected with friends is by playing online, and of course they are online for virtual learning all day. I find hiking to be my only way to disconnect from electronics and find special time with them. I love going on a hike into the woods, only to find a beautiful clearing with water! In the spring and summer these water ways are filled with butterflies, turtles, birds and more. Since it has been winter here in North Jersey it has been a little rough to hike in the cold, but it is still interesting to see what we might find when we venture out.

Additionally, when the kids are finished with school each day we go to our local park which has a beautiful track to walk. This is about a 40 minute walk and we all seem to really look forward to it. We can disconnect from school embracing the good vibes of nature. The movement forcing our blood to flow and fresh air helping lift everyone’s moods and focus. Amazing conversations can happen – most of the time. My youngest is still 10 (who suffers with POTS and EDS) so sometimes he still has a meltdown here and there. We have been lucky enough to spot some wildlife here and there on the park track like snakes, deer and most recently a Barred Owl!

Barred Owl

I have also gotten really excited about the sunsets we see while walking at the park after school as well. There is just something about it that is so beautiful & it brings this calm peaceful feeling. This spring I hope to find pretty flowers and butterflies to photograph while out and about exploring.

Bald Eagle

Hiking is FREE. Hiking is safe: outside – safe and distanced from people. It makes you feel like you are “away” almost on vacation. You never know what you are going to see!

What are you doing to safely pass the time during the pandemic?

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EXERCISE TIME for the kids during the quarantine 2020!

Outside Play

We seem to have a good homeschool routine down. As soon as my kids get up in the morning, they are logged into google classrooms and doing their work. They are motivated to get it done early so they can have the rest of the day, to do whatever they like. They aren’t allowed on any screens until all their work is completed for the day. Sometimes they just need some moral support to get the work done.


In addition to the schoolwork, one of the most important things I do every day, now that we are home – is making sure my kids get a few hours of exercise play time – which can be challenging living in the Norteast where some days are 65 and other days are still 40.

We were walking the park track but we haven’t been back there in a few weeks as the cases of the COVID19 became more rampant. So we are fortunate enough to have an extremely long driveway and property to venture around. I try to have the kids to 10 laps of the long driveway every day.

Basketball has been tons of fun – some games of horse – and also my youngest is a pretty good player so my husband will play some 1-1 with him.

One important factor the kids really need right now is family security, don’t just let them sit on screens for hours on end. Show your children that you enjoying having fun with them. They need to know their family is happy to be with them and it really is a great time for bonding. Don’t make it seem like it is a chore to spend time with your kids! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun either!

Here are a few ideas of family bonding time:

A simple deck of cards laying around makes for a fun game of Go Fish. Color & draw together! Read together, even if its just the comics in the newspaper. Play catch. Challenge your kids to a race. As I have been brainstorming for some activities that we can do together as a family, I have put an order in for some Pickle Ball, tennis rackets and balls, magnetic darts. A table top foosball game, as well as a table top billards – thinking we can move to the deck on nice days. Im excited for a speedball turnball set and trying to figure out where a good spot will be. We set up a ping pong table in the basement where the exercise bike and elliptical are located. Ask some friends to borrow any puzzles they aren’t using. Find some Legos laying around and create something new.

Earlier last week some pretty bad weather blew through, which prevented us from completely going outside for a day – so I had my youngest (who suffers from POTS and we believe Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – so it is imperative he gets enough exercise every single day! ) do exercises from a list that I found on Pinterest which was pretty funny. Here’s the link to the video:

Indoor Exercise Time

I am enjoying creating silly videos of the kids playing outside, doing all sorts of things like hide-n-seek, rolling down the hill and they tried to come up with a thowing the ball at each other type game – we will need to retry that one. The videos are a good way for our family members & friends to reconnect with us and feel as if they are playing with us.

My kids have had a lot of positivity come out of this. In addition to being relieved of the stress and social anxiety of having to go out to school each day, they have also rekindled themselves with some toys they haven’t played with in years and reconnected with each other. They are only 2 years apart so my husband and I have taught them to grow up playing together and caring for each other. Now that my oldest is in middle school that changed things a bit. But being home has rekindled our connections.

We just started a new Disney World Puzzle that I just ordered off for Easter – so I will definitely have pictures of that when its all finished. It is going to take a while because its 1000 peices. Browsing the shop disney website is givng me a feeling of peace but I really have to be careful and stop ordering things for now.


How are you and your family spending time together during the quaratine? Let me know in the comments below.

When are you planning your next Disney World Vacation?

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