Ice Cream Hopping Tri-State Area

Summer can be so amazing with your kids off from school but aren’t we always looking for ideas to keep them busy!? (and off of video games)

Riverside Creamery 5 Water St. Port Jervis, New York

We have decided to try out as many ice cream shops in the tri-state area that we can, and we will let you know how they are!

The first hit of our journey is the Riverside Creamery in Port Jervis New York. Not only do they have quite the extensive ice cream menu, but they have a delicious lunch/dinner menu as well. Our kids ranging from ages 6 – 13 all loved the pretzel bites appetizer. The menu options for ice cream are endless and so delicious as well.

Not only do you get great food in this old fashioned, 50’s style ice cream parlor, you get a view of the Delaware River. You might see some visitors kayaking down the Delaware as you delight in some tasty treats. Nearby the Riverside Creamery are swimming beaches in Milford PA – as well as a very touristy area with lots of shops, horseback riding and dining. You also are close to some beautiful hikes in Dingman’s Ferry with breath-taking waterfalls and spectacular views. You have the option to go rafting on the Delaware as well! Many adventures available!

Here are some pictures of their intense menu of countless ice cream options:

Spring Day Trip?

Maybe a mental-health day trip?

Consider Liberty State Park in Jersey City!

We visited Liberty State Park over Spring Break and had an amazing time!

Spring is just a beautiful time for traveling, hiking, day-tripping and anything outdoors really! The weather can be so pleasant and everything is started to bloom.


If you have the All Trails App and you search up Liberty State Park which will give you directions on how to get to Liberty State Park and the New York Bay. FREE and easy parking!

NOTE: the only bathrooms we could find that were open were port-a-johns / porta-potties which weren’t the greatest – so bring wipes and your own sanitizing agents.


This 3 mile loop has stunning picturesque views of our number one lady, the Statue of Liberty. Provided is a gorgeous paved trail that wraps around the waterline. This path makes for easy physical distancing for safety and to enjoy the sun and air. Great for walking, biking, and photography! Wear your sneakers and be prepared to walk. The park is free to enter, free to park and free to explore! Only the ferries and anything over on Ellis Island / Statue of Liberty have fees.

Liberty State Park was pristine (aside from the Porta-Potties). When I say something is immaculate I mean “Disney clean”. If you are a Disney addict, you will know what I am talking about. There are no other parks in this country as clean and spotless as Disney World and Disneyland. You know how sometimes when you’re at an amazing zoo you might have Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park come to your mind. The water here and being on the boat reminded me of Seven Seas Lagoon – only wishing we were cruising over to Magic Kingdom for the day but perfectly satisfied to have the actual real view we had.

NOTE: we did not come across any food vendors so definitely bring your own food, snacks and drinks as of April 6, 2021.

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