Recent Lego Builds

Lego has been a great way to pass the time, be creative and stimulate the mind while staying indoors.

Valentine’s Day Approaching

Need Some Ideas To Surprise The Ones You Love For Valentine’s Day?


Lego Builders – DIY Sonic & Mario that using all the pieces you already have!

14 Days of Why We Love You

14 days of home-made Valentine’s to tell your family you love them. Spice up each day leading to Valentine’s Day.

My Seasonal Disney World Wardrobe

If you have a Disney World Trip Planned soon find out what type of wardrobe you should be bringing! Travel Tips!

Disney World Travel Tip:

Watch out for some timing snags to consider when planning your next Disney Vacation!

We Upgraded to Disney Annual Passholders! Discount Secrets Revealed….

Disney World Annual Passholder Perks Revealed!

Earth Day 2020

Last Year’s Earth Day score was finding a Disney Pin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…….

EXERCISE TIME for the kids during the quarantine 2020!

We seem to have a good homeschool routine down. As soon as my kids get up in the morning, they are logged into google classrooms and doing their work. They are motivated to get it done early so they can have the rest of the day, to do whatever they like. They aren’t allowed on… Continue reading EXERCISE TIME for the kids during the quarantine 2020!