Disney World 2022 HOT TIP

Thinking of a Walt Disney World Vacation for 2022? What you need to know….


So if you’re planning on hitting up the Happiest Place on Earth for 2022 what you need to do is make sure you know your dates and plan out far in advance. We noticed the closer you get to your vacation date the higher the cost of park tickets and hotel increase!!!! With the ever changing cost of just about everything rising, Disney is no different with the rest of the world and the rising cost of living.

Maybe this was just during Christmas – which is the most busiest time of the year? But if you’re planning on going for Spring Break or other busy high-crowd times then its best to check!

We noticed that within 2 months closer to our trip the cost of park hopper tickets for my 3 guys (all counting as adults) went up just under $200. Just for one day! The initial cost of their 1 day park hopper (for 3 adults) cost around $400 but then 2 months later it was around $600. $600 is crazy for one day!

Also we saw price increases to resort rooms as time got closer.

Disney World is at an ALL-TIME MOST EXPENSIVE PRICING so you’re definitely going to need to plan out far in advance and start budgeting. Lately Disney is taking a lot of sacrificing just to be there!


Definitely be on the constant lookout for Room Discounts – which some were just recently released through July 7! These room discounts are NOT unlimited and will sell out FAST. But keep checking back if you miss out – you never know.

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