Easter 2020 🐣🐇🐰

All Glammed Up & No Where To Go #makeyourselffeelgood #glammakeup #easter2020 #easterquarantine

With a bleak past few weeks of worry and fear, staying inside, not seeing anyone – who is going to get dressed up? I mean really – we are all hanging in our sweatpants and just letting it go. Well, today I decided I still wanted nice Easter pictures with my family, so I decided I’m getting my makeup on and we are getting dressed!

We added some Disney to our Easter 🐣

In addition to praying and asking for God’s help every day, I do believe in self care. We need to take care of ourselves…. we need to keep moving and doing. I refuse to fall into a depression. We are getting up early every morning and my kids are doing their schoolwork first thing and then we have the rest of the day for projects and exercise. My kids do love their video games, but I’m trying to make their days full of interesting and creative things – while getting enough exercise. Exercise is imperative for my younger son to sleep well ( he suffers with a hypermobility disorder and he needs adequate exercise everyday).


So here I am all glammed up and no where to go. Happy being with my family and cherishing our time together. I got some pretty good pics today too, so I am happy.

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