The Smells of Disney World

How You Can Bring the Smells of Disney World to Your Home

It has been much too long since we have smelled the smells of Disney World, so I decided for my husband’s birthday I would bring some home! In the midst of the pandemic we have found ourselves unable to get back to our favorite escape, so what is better than bringing those cherished smells home? If you can’t get there, bring it home. It is amazing how just a simple smell can bring back so many memories and lift your spirits.

Disney Resort’s H20 Line’s is the pure aroma of “vacation”. The fragrance recovers your previous Disney World vacations, bringing you back to the Happiest Place On Earth. One whiff and you are reliving earlier trips of pure magic and happiness.

Read here about the different types of smells around the Disney World Theme Parks and Resorts!

If you’re totally in love with the Sea Salt lotion and body wash that the Disney Resorts leave in your resort bathroom, you have the ability to buy some for your home. Shop Disney has several different options for purchasing Disney’s H20 Line of Sea Salt body wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

For my husband’s birthday gift I picked the Sea Salt Body Wash, Body Butter and Body Lotion Set by H2O+ set since we really enjoy the lotion and body wash the most. This set costs just about $55 for the set.

I personally like to shop online through a website called Rakuten – it is the former “ebates” website. If you watch closely, sometimes Rakuten offers some significant cash back on Shop Disney purchases – especially at times like around the holidays or certain times of the year. Simply copy and paste the link below into your web browser:

Then create an account. Log in and search for stores that you would like to shop in. Click on the store of your choice and earn cash back while shopping.

Thanks to my online Christmas shopping I have a check of $101 coming to me in February! Rakuten sends out checks quarterly. It is so fun to get paid for shopping!

We do hope to start planning our next Disney World Vacation sometime soon. I am a little fearful of learning mask fatigue but we will try to go when its cooler out, in hopes that helps. I am in the midst of researching and stocking up on masks.

What are your most breathable favorite masks that you like to wear?

What types of planning tips would you like to hear about?

What things are you doing to keep your memories of Disney Vacations going while we hang out patiently and safely?!


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