We Got Vaccinated After Having Covid!

What it was like getting vaccinated after actually having Covid

Living in North Jersey I was super lucky to have a friend help my husband and I secure vaccination appointments, as I am obese and my husband has had diabetes since he is 7 years old. These appointments have been a struggle for most people, causing anxiety and feeling impossible. My husband works in the public and that is also how Covid was brought home to us; with my elderly parents living with us it was imperative that we get vaccinated ASAP in order to not bring it into our home again. So currently still working on getting vaccine appointments for my elderly parents who have a slew of underlying conditions! This is like trying to get tickets for a TicketMaster Pre-sale! LOL

Vacation planning going forward! YIPPEE!!!

Now that my husband and I are vaccinated it leaves us feeling much more comfortable of returning to plan vacations – where we feel safe – of course – and still following protocols, enforcing masks, distancing and sanitizing. We would never go any where that did not enforce masks. However we are excited to go out and about feeling a little more comfortable.

1st Doses

When my husband and I both got our first vaccination shots, a day apart from each other, we were just under the 90 day mark of having Covid. My husband did much better with it than I, but it did not leave us without symptoms. My vaccination appointment was an hour away from the house – on cold, gloomy Valentine’s Day this year. I came home feeling instantly fatigued and by that night I felt like I had a fever generally feeling crummy.

After 24 hours passed….

The next day I woke up achy ALL over, and could barely lift my arm. That night my arm was throbbing in pain, with a big red blotch over the injection site. So I gave in and took a Benadryl… for some reason we had heard only to take acetaminophen. About 4:00am I could not take the pain of my arm throbbing which had also traveled into my breast – so between both in pain I gave in and took Ibuprofen. I finally woke up feeling better heading into 48 hours later.

Honestly, it took me a few days to feel better!

My husband felt ok the afternoon he had the vaccine dose and went back to work for the rest of the day. But when he came home that was another story…

By that evening, he was feeling feverish and achy.

My husband had a rough night of not really sleeping and feeling like he had a fever, with severe aches. He woke up late and made it into work but within 2 hours was home again. But by the next morning he was feeling like himself again! I didn’t wait as long to give him ibuprofen as acetaminophen really wasn’t helpful. We also used a lot of essential oils

But not to worry – it did pass and we did NOT re-catch COVID.

Second Dose

I felt pretty good after the second dose, as it was my son’s 13th birthday and my brother was bringing his family over for cake who we haven’t seen in a while. Wearing masks of course! It was sunny and a great distraction to see them again. It really felt so good for all of us. But by that evening I felt like a ton of bricks hit me and that evening I was not waiting around to take Benadryl. *Previous to all the shots my husband and I took extra vitamins and were keeping ourselves hydrated.*The next morning is when I woke up with a super sore arm, unable to lift it. I took ibuprofen that morning but did not have to take it again until later that night. I am an avid fitness enthusiast where I workout 6-7 days per week lifting weights, using my elliptical and lots of walking outside. I made sure to walk a lot that afternoon.

My husband did a little worse than I, with the second dose. He came home feeling achy with a headache and fever with pure exhaustion. He did not sleep well and actually made it through the day at work – but when he came home he felt simply awful. We used some essential oils and took ibuprofen which lead him to waking up feeling ok.

Again we did not re-catch COVID!


Overall it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t handle. It was definitely NOT pleasant but we are happy to be vaccinated to prevent the spread to other people who may not do well with it, and to our loved ones. We are still on the road to “normal”, or closer to what was normal and with PATIENCE we will get there, I promise. The key to the world right now is not being so selfish, in a world where we are used to being utterly selfish. For those out there only thinking of their own discomfort, think more about how you might hurt the people around you if you aren’t following protocols. Think more about the people that may not survive or have long term health aliments because you could have passed it to them as a carrier. It’s time to do your part. It is not taking away your rights it is being courteous to those around you and those who you love. Let us all be more helpful to the world around us, so we can get through it.

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How is your state doing regarding vaccine availability?

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