DIY Lego Birthday Lawn Signs

Pandemic Birthday Ideas

Going out of our way to make pandemic birthdays all the more special

In January when I realized my older son Mikey’s 13 birthday was just around the bend, I was trying to figure out how to make it all the more special especially since we have another year where we can’t have a nice family gathering like in past years. All the more special without spending a crazy amount of money. Mikey has always been a creative Lego builder so I wanted to bring that into play. During the winter I saw some friends who live in Florida celebrating their elderly Mother’s birthday, social-distance-style, with these beautiful lawn signs!

I am by no means this perfect, classy crafter designer that you see on YouTube and Instagram. I am not talented. This is real, down-to-earth decorating to liven up my son’s 13th birthday. I am here just trying to brighten up a not-so-bright world that we are living in at the moment. I don’t complain, I plan out exactly how to make it better.

In researching I found that Birthday Lawn Signs could get very pricey – and for something that may not last due to weather conditions, I really didn’t want to spend too much. I order a simple “Happy Birthday” lawn sign off of Walmart. com and decided I was going to create “Mikey” and “13” myself, with the help of my husband.

Walmart Sign

Making Mikey’s name plus the number 13 was a little more complicated but they are much easier to see from the road and much more vibrant!

Supplies You Will Need To Make Your Amazing Lawn Sign:

We needed 7 foam boards for M-I-K-E-Y and then 1 and 3. My husband was so good for bringing home the DeWALT Utility Knife to cut the foam boards into letters and the 13. He used an old piece of wood slap to cut over so to not destroy anything underneath. Each letter got its own board. My husband eyed it up on his own and used a pencil to trace where he wanted to cut.

Since my birthday kid is still very much into LEGO, I decided on using old LEGO plastic tablecloth as the design as opposed to painting. The end result was cute but the darker parts of the LEGO tablecloth blended in too much with our brick house so if I were to do this again, I would choose solid vibrant paint. Paint is also a much easier and neater option.

Thank Goodness The Snow Has Since Melted!


The remainder was to be done OUTSIDE, as the 3M Adhesive is toxic, flammable and should not be sprayed inside an enclosed non-ventilated area. I placed a letter over the table cloth and proceeded as if I was wrapping a giant Christmas gift. I cut off any extra to save for the remaining letters. I sprayed the 3M Adhesive all over the foam board and wrapped the table cloth around the letter/number as tightly as I could.


I used the retractable DeWALT knife to cut through any holes as well as any extra table cloth. After I completed all the letters I sprayed them with Scotch Guard. The only issue was, it prevented the duck tape from adhering to the letters and numbers. What worked best and mounting it to the landscaping spikes was wrapping the letters to the spikes with clear packing tape. I realized I needed to wrap each letter and number completely in the clear packing tape to secure it, as well as keep it safe. Even the little Happy Birthday sign from Walmart needed to have the backs of the letters taped to each other since the March winds have been wreaking havoc!

We have been lucky that all of the signs have not budged in these crazy North Jersey winds! I think the key is using the clear packing tape and wrapping them around the steaks tightly, which also seals up the letters. If I could do it again I would pick solid vibrant paints because I feel like it would be a little easier, less messier (perhaps lol) and more evident from afar. After it was all done, I took my jar of glitter, sprayed some 3M adhesive on top of each letter and threw glitter on top. Now they sparkle too!

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What are some of your ideas for making your loved ones birthdays more special?

What plans do you have for Easter?

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