Heading to Legoland NY for the day? Read this first.

It is SO exciting we finally have a super cool theme park destination (aside from Great Adventure or Dorney Park) just minutes from the house! This theme park isn’t as strongly expensive as other theme park destinations and won’t really break the bank. Preparing is always a MUST when planning to hit out any theme park for the day.

Legoland NEW YORK has been slowly opening all of their attractions and it seems they are all finally running smoothly – I think. Still some kinks to iron out but it is fun and looking good.


Legoland has a pirate boat ride that is so enticing and so much fun for the kiddos as well as your ENTIRE FAMILY! On this attraction you get to spray and soak every person you ride past, as well as Life-Sized LEGO MINIFIGURES along the attraction. The kicker is, the people standing along side of the ride get to shoot spray you as well – out of water cannons – and you are going to get SOAKED depending on where you are sitting!

So definitely prep yourself for that. I do not think you need to wear a bathing suit as there is no waterpark. But maybe if you do this ride first you will dry as you walk around.

This is an excellent ride to start out a super hot summer day at LEGOLAND NY!

What is your favorite theme park attraction? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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