If you already love Lego you probably have all the pieces you need for a fun project

Over the weekend New Jersey got hit with a crazy blizzard leaving a lot of us with 30-plus inches of snow. It wasn’t even the “fun” kind of snow to go out in play in. Yuck.

My older son Mikey has an avid love for Lego and decided to try something new.

First he created something of a mosaic; *he calls it pixel art but I say its a mosaic* – of Mario and then added the Mario “Bullet” and Mario “Piranha Plant”. Mikey was able to do this by googling “8 bit grid Mario”. From there he simply looked at the image and placed each piece together – just by eyeing it up! He did something of a look and copy. “Reproduce” if you will.

Inside of Mikey’s google search I noticed that Pinterest came up with some downloadable PDF’s that you can pay for, and it will give you more information plus steps on how to put them together. Looks like there are several “Mario Game” Patterns just like this for sewing, crocheting, quilting, beading, coloring – all kinds of projects if you look inside Pinterest for ideas. There are actually tons of templates you can pay and download to create all of your favorite characters if you do a Pinterest search! I bet you could even use some of these ideas for baking.

After Mikey created his Mosaic he decided to make standing Mario. We don’t really know what to call them. They are no on a board – they are upright standing.

Last night Mikey created standing Sonic.

When we are visiting Disney World in Florida we always hit up the Lego Store located in Disney Springs and Mikey really enjoys their “Pick a brick wall”. You can fill up different sized containers of random pieces for creative jobs such as these he just completed. Since we haven’t been able to make it lately, we went on last night through and through their “pick a brick” option we ordered some pieces for future projects that he has in mind.

Pics to come – stay tune!


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