My most recent DIY inexpensive idea for myself as the Mom (it was was a gorgeous day) so we drove down to the beach to take pics. Unfortunately I forgot my tripod – ugh – but the pics still came out gorgeous. Pick a day leading up to Mother’s Day so you can have some pictures printed as gifts.

We also had dinner with an ocean view and made a beautiful afternoon out of it!

Some ideas for beautiful family shots:

  • Waterfall – research on the All Trails App for waterfalls in your area
  • Lake (go late afternoon when the sun is about to set for less squinting)
  • Ocean
  • Scenic Outlook (can find in trip advisor)
  • Places similar to Grounds For Sculpture NJ
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Disney World Magic Kingdom Castle or Animal Kingdom Park
  • Bridge with a scenic overlook
  • Marina makes a great place for a photo op
  • Grand staircases at historical mansions
  • Grounds at historical mansions
  • Colored wall
  • Secret Gardens
  • In Front of a great Water Fountain
  • Nature Park / Wildlife Refuge
  • Vineyard
  • Open Field
  • The Bronx Zoo has some amazing photo ops if you live near by

Lasts Minute Trip To Disney? As of today almost all of May is booked up for theme park reservations. Get with a travel agent ASAP to see if they can help.

Disney photographers take some amazing Mother’s Day Photos!

With having to make theme park reservations, it is really a good idea to book your Disney World 2 months in advance right now. Dining Reservations open up 60 days in advance and they are limited due to limited capacity so it would beneficial to book prior to that so you have open availability. However if you can only book at close proximity using a travel agent – at no extra cost to you – might have some extra tips for snagging those park reservations that can be hard to get.

If you are heading to Disney for Mother’s Day usually the parks hand out flowers to the Moms on this glorious day. I have some of my most cherished photographs from our Mother’s Day Trip in 2015. We spent Mother’s Day at Animal Kingdom Park.

Other Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

  • Picnic – with everything packed and ready by everyone BUT the Mother
  • DIY Essential Oils Room Spray – Lavender and Lemon with Witch Hazel or Distilled Water
  • New Watering Can
  • Surprise Weekend Getaway to places like Cape May, NJ or possibly like Hershey Park, PA
  • Caricature / Portrait of the kids
  • Birthstone Necklace of all the kids’ birthdays
  • Coach Purse
  • Dooney and Bourke Disney Bag
  • Outside dining at a restaurant with a water view

If anything a Mom could really use is to be able to sleep in, wake up to a clean home, not have to put up with any fighting or bad moods of any kind and to not have to cook once on Mother’s Day. Dad’s whip out the grill and get to work – especially if you are having company over – you can do it. Make the kids pitch in!

Here is a link to another Mother’s Day Gift idea – click here

What are your ideas for Mother’s Day?

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