We Stayed at a Disney Value Resort Last Summer

Pros and Cons of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort during the summer months

Every Walt Disney World Resort has their pros and cons and they happen to also change with the seasons. Sometimes certain resorts are better in the different seasons of the year. Since you all know Walt Disney World is the epitome of pure family fun, you want to make sure you have researched every option.

Let’s begin with the PROS.

PROS of Staying at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort during the summer

  1. BEST SAVINGS. These value resorts will be your best savings. These are the cheapest resorts on property. Staying at a value in Disney will help you save the most amount of money while receiving the benefits of staying on property and being immersed in the magic.
  2. MOST MAGICAL THEMING! Become engulfed by the immersive whimsical theming at these resorts. We loved staying in the Toy Story Section!
  3. Biggest Resort Gift Shop.
  4. Biggest Quick Service with plenty of food options.
  5. Great Pool Side Bar.

CONS of Staying at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort during summer

  1. LOTS OF UNCOVERED WALKING OUTSIDE IN THE ELEMENTS – I.E. HOT FLORIDA SUN AND HEAT. The Walt Disney World Value Resorts are large and there is extra walking outside. Lots of walking outside with no shade to your room from bus depot, quick service, gift shop etc. Several times we got caught in the rain with no protection.
  2. All the extra walking made the floors in our room feel extra dirty – especially since at the time housekeeping wasn’t coming every day.
  3. SMALLEST ROOMS – least amount of storage with the smallest room size on property.
  4. Your only mode of transportation is a bus. Sometimes I would appreciate+ an option take the boat or monorail to get to the parks. The THREE All Star Resorts share 1 bus.
  5. Least amount of amenities.
  6. No Pool slides.
  7. No Restaurant at the Resort.
  8. No indoor lounge at the resort.

All in all I would say we really did enjoy staying at Disney’s All Stars Movies Resort last summer. We stayed the last week of July into the first week of August. The resorts are very fun and exciting to be inside of and my husband and I really enjoyed the savings. We have 2 boys that were ages 14 and 11 at the time, however they are taller than we are now so it was nice that the beds have been upgraded to queen size.

The only thing I felt a little disappointed was on so many nights there were thunderstorms so we were stuck inside our small room. I was wishing to be inside either the new Coronado Springs Grand Destino Tower, or perhaps the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House and even Wilderness Lodge – where you can promenade to a lounge, gift shop, quick service without having to worry about the outside elements.

I also felt like since there was so much extra walking outside at the All Star Movies (and with the fact that housekeeping was not coming every day) the floors in our room were extra dirty! I never felt this staying at any of the resorts mentioned above.

Would I stay there again during summer or anytime? YES. If that is the only way I can afford to go to Disney then YES, I will stay there again. Would I prefer somewhere else between the hot months of May-October – yes, but hey – whatever works best financially for that year.

When are you planning your

next Walt Disney Vacation?

What Disney Resort Do you dream about staying at?


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