TIP for using Genie + Summer 2022

Disney World’s Genie Plus

Summer / Fall 2022 –

We Mastered How to Use It!

After watching countless YouTube Videos we finally figured out how to use Disney’s Genie Plus in the My Disney Experience App during our July/August 2022 Vacation.

DISCLAIMER: Genie + is continuously changing and we cannot be held responsible if it is any different during the time of your vacation. I am not responsible for any upsets or anything that can/will go wrong during your vacation or trip.

Purchase Genie at 12 midnight or 6am during day of your visit

You’re going to want to get up early so you have it purchased in plenty of time before 7am.

Have a plan!

Know what park you’re visiting and have a Top Attractions List idea in mind.

7am Book Your First Ride of the Day

When you open Genie you will find the time selections available located inside the TIP BOARD. You will want to click BOOK EXPERIENCE.

You will have advanced park reservations – so you know what park you will be heading into for the day. Know in advance which attraction your party wants to conquer first! Possibly make a list in your NOTES section in your phone.

*It is best to know which rides are a must-do at every park before you even set out on your adventure! This way you know what you are looking to book at 7am. If you’re not sure you might miss out on a time.

Be already on Genie at 6:45am refreshing until 7am for first choice selections.

During our July/August vacation I was not able to book a second Genie selection until after we scanned in to our first selection of the day – despite what we had been told. I heard you could stack another selection 2 hours after park opening each day – however it would not work for us. If it works for you please let me know in the comments! If I am not mistaken selected experiences need to be 2 hours apart?

Make Another Selection AFTER you SCAN Your 1st Selection of the Day


When you open Genie (after you have scanned in to ride your attraction) INSIDE THE TIP BOARD to book another selection, you might not like the times available; but do not despair! ✨🌟Keep pulling down 🌟and refreshing 🌟and the times should changeπŸ’« – giving you some better options.

You Can Even Change Parks When Park Hopping!

You won’t be able to book another selection at another park until after 2pm which is when Park Hopping Time Begins (is allowed). Then in MDE inside Genie + you will need to change which park you want to head to.

Is Genie Worth It?

Yes for our family it is – but possibly not for everyone. We also utilize the DAS system which is the Disability Access System. My husband is a type 1 diabetic affected by temperature and not able to stand in long lines. My younger son has POTS and a hypermobility disorder with no temperature regulation; so the temperature can cause him to become ill and he is not able to stand in long lines/ needs quick access to bathrooms. Sitting in a wheelchair could also make my son a faint hazard. My other son has a severe anxiety disorder. We are not that healthy family that is capable of standing in long lines… SO…….we utilize DAS as well as Genie Plus for ease of access to bathrooms, rest and snacks instead of waiting on long lines. We felt that in order for OUR best use of times we almost had to have both – some people choose not to.


Can a trip be great at WDW even without Genie? Sure, but it might be tricky and you will need to put on your Patient Hat.

Do we wish Disney would bring back the FREE Fast Pass System? Absolutely! We cannot give up hope.

Are You Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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